Our laboratory is located at Seeley G. Mudd Building with room numbers 527, 547, 557, 567 and 577. Most of our reaction facilities and some of the characterization techniques we are using are installed in our labs. We have access to the instruments that are available in the Chemistry Department. In addition to that we have also access to the instruments available in Materials Science and Engineering.

We have.....

Schlenk’s lines and Glove box

We are partly working with reactants and products which are sensitive towards oxygen/moisture. We are equipped with several Schlenk lines and a glove box in our lab to handle air-sensitive chemicals.



The gas/vapor sorption properties of the nanoporous (mesoporous and microporous) materials synthesized in our laboratory are studied with an AUTOSORB-1 instrument. We are using Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide as adsorbate gas and isopropanol as vapor adsorbate.

X-ray Diffraction

We are using Rigaku Rotaflex diffractometer for studying the small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) of some of our mesoporous samples.

Electron Microscopy

We are mostly using scanning and transmission electron microscopes for studying the microstructures of our specimens. We have access to...


JEOL 2000FX and JEOL 2200FS